Can I Build A House On My Land?

Emma Davey

Can I build a house without planning permission?

There are a lot of rules for building on your land. You might need to seek planning permission if:

  • Your garden building is going to be a separate living space (such as an additional house or sleeping accommodation).
  • If your building takes up more than 50% of the outside space of your home.
  • Your building has multiple storeys
  • Your building exceeds 3.5 metres in height, or the eaves exceed 2.5 metres.

If you’re planning on building a shed, studio or summer house, it’s unlikely you’ll need planning permission provided it doesn’t exceed the guidance dimensions. These type of buildings are known as Class E buildings, which have their own guidance for construction.

If you are planning on constructing another house, whether it’s for yourself, someone else or you plan to sell it, then you will need to obtain planning permission.

What planning permission is needed?

If you’re asking yourself ‘how can I build a house on my land?’, then you’ll already be thinking about the different steps you need to take to make it happen. The planning permission you’ll need to build a house in your land will need will vary according to your local authority. It’s worth familiarising yourself with the laws surrounding building in your own garden to ensure you understand what you can and can’t do before you start making plans.

The Planning Portal has some useful resources you can use to work out what planning permission is needed for your home. If, for example, you’re adding an extension, or you’re planning a larger scale project, there are different steps you’ll need to take to obtain the permission you need.

Planning permission comes at a price, and there can be a lot of effort involved to apply for planning permission to build a house on your land. You might decide that an outbuilding is much preferable, and could help you get to work quicker.

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