Advantages of Buying a New Build


Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking for your next home, buying a new build property could be the perfect choice for you. We’ve put together all the advantages that you should know when considering buying a new build home.

What is a new build?

A new build refers to new construction, rather than the renovation or refurbishment of an existing structure. It can include apartments, office blocks, and hospitals, but is mostly used in association with the building of a new home.

Advantages of buying a new build

There were almost 50,000 new homes built in the first quarter of 2021 – the highest figure for over 20 years. However, this comes at a more expensive cost for those looking to buy. The following list details the advantages of buying a new build and should help to inform your purchasing decision.

Ease of purchase

In some cases, a property developer may offer a part-exchange deal in which they purchase your old house to sell. They may also provide incentives to get the sale, such as paying your stamp duty or covering the cost of carpets. Once purchased, your new home will be a blank canvas with very little work that needs doing, if at all. You can unpack your belongings and begin decorating your home to suit your personality.

Lower bills

A new build home will need to comply with the latest building regulations. This means they are significantly more energy-efficient than older properties, allowing you to save money on your water, electrical and heating bills. For example, construction techniques to make a new house heat-efficient will include the installation of double glazing, cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, and draft proofing.

Advantages of Buying a New Build

Security and safety

New builds will have a range of modern security and safety measures implemented. This is likely to include window locks and high-security main door locks fitted. Some developments will also meet the criteria required for ‘Secured by Design‘ approval. This demonstrates the new build meets police standards for home security, protecting against burglary and assault. These security measures offer a physical sense of security that will provide many homeowners with peace of mind.

Modern building standards also require the use of fire-resistant materials and the installation of a linked smoke alarm. Likewise, electrical wiring will be protected by circuit breakers. These safety measures will give you the reassurance that an older build may not be able to guarantee.


All new build homes will come with a warranty, which promises you repair and if necessary, replacement within a specified timeframe. However, you must read the terms thoroughly as not all warranties cover everything you would expect.

New technology and appliances

A new build will have all the latest technological advancements and appliances installed. This includes ‘smart home’ features and sought after open-plan layouts.

This also means there will be a lower maintenance cost as your property ages. For example, most new build properties will be fitted with UPVC double glazing, as well as fascias and soffit boards. These need no maintenance other than regular cleaning.

Environmentally friendly

The modern approach to the construction and development of the new build will provide the homeowner with an environmentally friendly home that is energy efficient. This includes heating and insulation to reduce carbon footprint, as well as dual-flush toilets and fitted showers for minimising domestic water output.

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